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SONA is a Canadian singer-songwriter, born and raised in Toronto, Canada. Trained from a young age as a professional vocalist and recording artist, she has performed in various singing competitions, at events ranging from the “The Taste Of Danforth” to “Freefall Sundays,” to major Galas and additional events across Ontario. While Sonali grew up loving the extreme skills of Beyoncé and has great admiration for the creativity and improvisation chops of Alicia Keys, it seems her exposure to R&B music and styles of great pop singers had the biggest influence on her. Her music is frequently compared to the works of artists such as Ariana Grande, Kehlani, and Jhené Aiko.  

Along with western influences, SONA is strongly connected to her cultural heritage. She has grown up surrounded by Bollywood music, and is influenced by various Indian singers. “There is an emotional aspect about Bollywood music that I really love. It’s really different. When interpreting the lyrics in a different language, it has taught me how to be connected to the words I sing and understand what the artist really wants to say, and the emotion they try to portray. I try to bring that to my singing in both languages."

Her powerful vocals and radiant energy shines through her music and performances. Her goal is to entertain and draw people onto a journey with her by showing her ability to endlessly change the melody at her whim. Having the freedom to improvise using her extraordinary range drives her style. SONA hopes to empower others with her music and develop connections with her listeners through the emotion in her lyrics.


While studying Business Administration at Wilfrid Laurier University, she is committed to pursuing her career in music and hopes to bring the knowledge learned through this program to further understand business aspects of the music industry. As a member of the Canadian Musicians Co-operative inc., SONA has developed the necessary skills to take her career to the next level. While working with many like-minded artists, she was able to discover her brand identity which truly demonstrates who she is as an artist.

SONA is currently working with up-and-coming producers to release her own music and co-writing with many different artists, all while strengthening her song writing skills. She is eager to share her music with the world which she is releasing throughout the year. She feels she must continue to build for the future by continuing to pursue her music.  SONA is on a musical adventure to create her own path as an artist.  She has the skills and unique musicality to create a new sound, a true hybrid bearing her Canadian and Indian influences and taking her songs to a completely new place.

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